Monday, September 24, 2012

Signing an iPetition

Today I signed an iPetition in order to allow Creative Writing to be considered by the Art & Design program and to support our Professor, Thylias Moss, in her effort. I had never heard of this idea before, in or our of class, but when Professor Moss came to us in earnest to us about this idea, I saw the reason in it. Right now, Creative Writing is only offered in the MFA program in English. The petition's aim is direct, to open up Creative Writing to Art & Design to allow students to also pursue degrees in that while in Creative Writing. I am in full support of my professor in her initiative as I believe this movement would be the first of its kind. Check out the link below and sign the petition!

Signing off. Ben

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for signing, Ben --really means a lot, to have your assistance in trying to add--allow-- more "CREATIVITY" to what is called "CREATIVE WRITING" --without those pursuing this in English allowed to "create" as much as they should be allowed, even if --as I hope!-- this creating leads to new forms of expression --certainly could! --why stifle this? Why not see what students can do? Give them chances! --before decisions are made to suppress --I want creators to , well, create!