Monday, September 17, 2012

First Class

First day in class! Wow, I am so pleased that joined this class. It is in such a wonderful setting, both inside and out. Looking around right now there is a coiled wire that seems to be connecting this computer to the outside world. It looks far too scientific but at the same....very very cool. Outside, I parked someone where I probably should not have parked but my worries soon dissipated when I began to look around at the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. I wanted to stop and take a picture of the fountains next to the Duderstadt but also wanted to get to class on time so I told myself I would capture the image on the way back. So far, I am really very very pleased with this class because it gives me a time and place to reflect on my other classes. Its a time to collect my thoughts, draw inspiration from my fellow classmates and my very insightful professor, and take time to think because life is oftentimes too busy to reflect and think about what we are doing on a day to day basis. I am glad that I am officially an author in this blog and that I can now begin this journey, this semester, in this class. Amen.


  1. Too bad you didn't capture something of that moment --even though you might have been late-- that moment won't exist that identical way again --on some scale, in some location, for some --and varying-- durations! I think we could be made to understand necessity of capture --even were you late --you were right on time for capture! --I'm very glad you've joined us! --connecting with this forum, perhaps somewhat similar to that coiled wire you noticed --are we not all forms of tines of existence, able to connect things as if we too were also wires? I'm glad that we ate conduits of information -- outside world, and any worlds we imagine can enter via any of us

  2. --and moments change --every moment --on some scale, in some location, for some --varying-- duration --won't be the same again! --bit I'm also glad that you didn't want to be late! You let the moment wait, and it continues to interact --certainly with your memory --where a version of the scene continues, interacting with more of your life, each, well, moment! -- more later!