Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reflections on: "Into The Garden With Charles" By: Liz Ludwig

This memoir was a safe haven for me.  It was like cuddling up in a fluffy cloud blanket of a rainy day.  It gave me hope and filled me with a safe kind of reliable love- in opposition to real life love and its unpredictable nature.  To help you understand why this story so touched me you will need to understand my mother a bit better.  She is 61 years old and a beautiful women.  She has been a plant lover and a loving person like the men in this romantic story are.  Almost every day she would find some beautiful flower to give to me, weather a whole vase full or a small flower and stem no larger than my finger.  I began to understand it as love, a live gift of love, something bigger than the two of us- spiritual and pure.
My mother has been sick with a neuro degenerative disease for the past 5 years and like the book mentions having an illness is as hard for the person who has it as for their care takers.  She is no longer the women that I remember from my childhood, with one foot in the door of the next world.  That's why i so dearly treasured this book, its words were my childhood love, untainted and immovable, yet like reality the pages moved forward and i was sad to see them go,
                                          I left with a memory of safety and love
into a world of uncertainty.

I myself and bisexual without a strong community of LGBT friends and so i took refuge in a world surrounded by gay couples and friends feeling normal and safe and loved.

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