Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Space = New Possibilities

The tour in class today really opened my eyes up to the jaw dropping multitude of resources available to us, not only in the DL1 classroom, but throughout the building itself. I'm already feeling the very beginnings of new ideas about utilizing these resources percolate somewhere in the depths of my brain. I'm particularly fascinated by the green screen.

For me, TV, video, the internet, etc. have always felt like another reality of sorts.  This is especially true of the internet.  I can spend my whole day online, browsing websites, writing blog posts, updating my etsy shop, yet - none of it is tangibly real.  The closest I can come to actually "holding" or "touching" the internet is happening right now as my fingertips pound away at the keys on my well-loved MacBook.

I'm curious about the way a green screen can "create" a reality in front of us that we can see, but can't touch. In this way, it seems like a very isolated, singular form of the internet that one can tailor make an alter to suit their desires.  This seems to me to be an attempt for us to move beyond the confines of the limited fork - to stretch farther to a realm that can be seen, but not felt - that can be altered, but not experienced.

Does anyone else agree/disagree with this?

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  1. Well, I appreciate this comment, and would like to know more about "perceptions of confines of limited fork" --I assume you might refer to some tines and forms of "limitedness", but I could be wrong --explorations of "error" can also lead to and reveal so much --especially what's unintended! I love when something steers, and I get to bifurcate to locations I hadn't expected! Thank you for bifurcations in this post!