Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Blog Post );

Today is the last class before the final project and I can still remember the first time I entered this classroom. From memory, I can recall not knowing exactly to write about in my blog post at first. I was left staring around the room, marveling in the multi-purpose usefulness of the room and the strange coils that hung from the ceiling that seemed to be connecting us to some other world. This class has made me think more critically but more open-minded about what I am doing and why I am doing it. This class has not only introduced my to the limited fork theory, which I have begun to think about a lot of the time, but it has introduced me to a new and more enjoyable type of working environment. Professor Moss is truly a saint and learning from her has been a delight and such a pleasure. Her brilliance can be felt in every conversation one has with her as her light shines through her bright smile without fail. I look forward to presenting in class on Monday and finishing up the final project. While I cannot say I have completely finished my journey I think that this is the point of the class. This is what limited fork theory is all about, because there are always going to be more possibilities. The idea of thinking abnormally makes you challenge the realm of normal, and think in more fascinating ways.


I don't have all the information.
I don't know any truth.
I can't see the future, and my memories are fuzzy.
Despite my perceived universe, which to me seems infinite,
it is only an impossibly small fraction
of the unbounded amount of universes that are available.

I think what Thylias said today about how these projects can't ever be completed was very comforting to me. Not only because I don't have to worry about trying to complete every piece that I've started within my project, but because she also seems to understand my above lines. I had been thinking about things like her 'fork theory' but on that first day when she sort of explained the reasoning behind it, and explained the theory in full, I was able to run with it. I was able to take its ideas and use the fork to tear a hole into the whole that is my personally generalized being.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Of Fleeting Nature

As I watch my completed project on a flat, illuminated computer screen, I think about privilege. The privilege to see, to hear, to collect and experience this information that I have, in essence, created as a contribution to the knowledge of the Inter Network. Experience, and gaining knowledge, is a privilege. It is an opportunity to collect information through the inputs of our body, transitioning what goes in to thoughts, emotions, feelings, produced by our brains. Now, I am no neuroscience major, nor a musician, but the functionality of the human body, the capability of it, seems an orchestra. An orchestra that not all walks of life can partake in. An orchestra that has all key musicians, without a note off, without an instrument gone. Yet this is the privilege to observe temporality, and perhaps the privilege to observe permanence--i.e., touching--is not a privilege at all, but one shared by all walks of life.

I think back to Helen Keller--where all she had was touch. Where everything I have just created, becomes void. If I create in order to contribute to this world, is creating something that has no space in the physical world, really creating at all? If its ability to be lost is as simplified by the click of a mouse or a touch of a button, is this really creating at all? If its ability to transform is trumped by the prospect of forever deletion of what was before, is this really creating at all?

What is so easily created, is so easily destroyed--of fleeting nature.

"Limited Fork" in Relation to Polarized Opinions

I began writing this chapter of my book, and I realized I cannot yet, with certainty or authority, answer the questions I ask at the end of this short paragraph. I think they are interesting questions to consider, and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject before I continue with this section. "Limited Fork" in Relation to Polarized Opinions Over the past few chapters, I have explored the connection to a shared goal within the realm of polarized opinions. But now I wanted to shift the focus back onto the fork and its contribution in the situation. Linking the fork into the equation begs the question, how can people with the same goal traverse such different paths that their initial connection is forgotten? Moreover, can the fork ever lead them back to each other, or are the tines so distant from each other that they will never again cross paths? Please feel free to comment--your insights will be very valuable to me!

Monday, December 3, 2012


I finished my video for my presentation next week. Yet I am in the process of deciding how I want to pursue this for the rest of my life--how I can move forward with my exploration of sign, sound, motion, taste, and all the other senses that compose a physical experience. It is a project that definitely has potential, a project where I can specifically work on portraying more sensory experiences through digital media, through iBook, iPads, Blogs, etc. I am going to continue reading texts that examine different experiences with the senses. This process may change, and that is okay. But, as you have mentioned, this is in fact a process, and one that will take a long time. And frankly, it will be impossible to entirely represent the entirety of senses through technology--but this is, in essence, Limited Fork theory. This movie, which I have created, ends abruptly for a reason...that is, because it is meant to be continued. To be an ever-long film that heightens senses as I experience the world, as I develop and recreate my story. 


Because I don't expect everyone to be following my blog, I wanted to update the class on my progress so far in an easily accessible and connected environment. So, a short, condensed post: -I am creating an iBook exploring polarized opinions to find the common link. For example, gun control. Both sides ultimately want safety, but those wanting stricter laws argue that guns create danger, while those wanting freer laws argue that guns are necessary for self defense. -I have so far written the introduction to my book and the first chapter. Both of which are available on my blog. -I have begun writing a third section that begins exploring more universal, broad issues such as the human journey to find happiness, but I don't consider this a "third chapter," since I ultimately see the book leading up to this issue. -I also want to explore the argument of gay marriage, which I see has halfway between gun control and the pursuit of happiness. -I have found different videos and pictures I want to include in my book, though I haven't compiled final versions I am completely happy with yet. What I still need to do: -Figure out how I want to share a semi-finished product. I don't want to publish the book unfinished, so I am unsure how to share it with the class. Any ideas on this would help! -Finalize the videos and images I want to layer my project with -Finish the gay marriage and happiness sections I also think I need a separate section clearly describing limited fork's role in polarized opinions, so I want to start writing that as well. This would probably occur after the first few chapters in my book in order to tie my ideas together.