Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Blog Post );

Today is the last class before the final project and I can still remember the first time I entered this classroom. From memory, I can recall not knowing exactly to write about in my blog post at first. I was left staring around the room, marveling in the multi-purpose usefulness of the room and the strange coils that hung from the ceiling that seemed to be connecting us to some other world. This class has made me think more critically but more open-minded about what I am doing and why I am doing it. This class has not only introduced my to the limited fork theory, which I have begun to think about a lot of the time, but it has introduced me to a new and more enjoyable type of working environment. Professor Moss is truly a saint and learning from her has been a delight and such a pleasure. Her brilliance can be felt in every conversation one has with her as her light shines through her bright smile without fail. I look forward to presenting in class on Monday and finishing up the final project. While I cannot say I have completely finished my journey I think that this is the point of the class. This is what limited fork theory is all about, because there are always going to be more possibilities. The idea of thinking abnormally makes you challenge the realm of normal, and think in more fascinating ways.

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