Monday, December 3, 2012


Because I don't expect everyone to be following my blog, I wanted to update the class on my progress so far in an easily accessible and connected environment. So, a short, condensed post: -I am creating an iBook exploring polarized opinions to find the common link. For example, gun control. Both sides ultimately want safety, but those wanting stricter laws argue that guns create danger, while those wanting freer laws argue that guns are necessary for self defense. -I have so far written the introduction to my book and the first chapter. Both of which are available on my blog. -I have begun writing a third section that begins exploring more universal, broad issues such as the human journey to find happiness, but I don't consider this a "third chapter," since I ultimately see the book leading up to this issue. -I also want to explore the argument of gay marriage, which I see has halfway between gun control and the pursuit of happiness. -I have found different videos and pictures I want to include in my book, though I haven't compiled final versions I am completely happy with yet. What I still need to do: -Figure out how I want to share a semi-finished product. I don't want to publish the book unfinished, so I am unsure how to share it with the class. Any ideas on this would help! -Finalize the videos and images I want to layer my project with -Finish the gay marriage and happiness sections I also think I need a separate section clearly describing limited fork's role in polarized opinions, so I want to start writing that as well. This would probably occur after the first few chapters in my book in order to tie my ideas together.

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