Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I don't have all the information.
I don't know any truth.
I can't see the future, and my memories are fuzzy.
Despite my perceived universe, which to me seems infinite,
it is only an impossibly small fraction
of the unbounded amount of universes that are available.

I think what Thylias said today about how these projects can't ever be completed was very comforting to me. Not only because I don't have to worry about trying to complete every piece that I've started within my project, but because she also seems to understand my above lines. I had been thinking about things like her 'fork theory' but on that first day when she sort of explained the reasoning behind it, and explained the theory in full, I was able to run with it. I was able to take its ideas and use the fork to tear a hole into the whole that is my personally generalized being.

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