Monday, December 3, 2012


I finished my video for my presentation next week. Yet I am in the process of deciding how I want to pursue this for the rest of my life--how I can move forward with my exploration of sign, sound, motion, taste, and all the other senses that compose a physical experience. It is a project that definitely has potential, a project where I can specifically work on portraying more sensory experiences through digital media, through iBook, iPads, Blogs, etc. I am going to continue reading texts that examine different experiences with the senses. This process may change, and that is okay. But, as you have mentioned, this is in fact a process, and one that will take a long time. And frankly, it will be impossible to entirely represent the entirety of senses through technology--but this is, in essence, Limited Fork theory. This movie, which I have created, ends abruptly for a reason...that is, because it is meant to be continued. To be an ever-long film that heightens senses as I experience the world, as I develop and recreate my story. 

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