Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My introduction to Limited Fork Theory (remixed)

I have just begun to dive into limited fork theory and in many ways I find those ideas similar to some that I have had in my life. In terms of interconnectedness and exposing yourself to knew knowledge, I have always thought that it fascinating how individualized everyone's brains are because of how we decide to use our forks in such different ways in life -- to eat, indulge and feed ourselves through exposure and collaboration. I also think it interesting how all of that changes our perspectives and our mindsets in any given situation or opportunity. Thus, no one can ever be thinking the same exact thing as another person because they are influenced by completely different life experiences...but that is what makes us human and individuals.

At the same time, there is a mental interconnected that must be created through human nature and some kind of mental wiring between our brains. Whether it is the coils that connect our computers to Michigan's database or an electric sensing between our brains, we will never know but I am looking forward to exploring this more in class.

- Ben

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  1. Really cool blog -- I wasn't aware of limited fork theory, but I like it based on what you have described.

    - Michael