Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I vote for DL1, and have been voting for it for several years. Here's why:
North campus is far more beautiful than central campus. Of course it does help that my classes are all on North Campus, but I prefer it that way regardless. DL1 also has amazing resources. Every program, device, and machine you might need to explore the technological world is at your fingertips and free of charge! When else in your life (unless you become a professor, I suppose) will you ever have all of these things again? And what better place for a course centered around technology? More important than the technological resources though, are the human resources. DL1 is set up for collaboration, because of the diverse occupants that utilize and share the space. This also makes it an ideal place to be inspired, because of the vast variety of projects and ideas that are cultivated inside its walls. Mason Hall, on the other hand, has nothing spectacular about it except, perhaps, for its proximity to some delicious eating establishments. Anyone else agree? 

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  1. Fabulous! Love your vote, Eliana! I love how we had to determine where each member f this class should sit! --wasn't predetermined! --I rally like that; allows anyone to change their minds! --which should change as often as possible!