Monday, September 24, 2012

Journey Preparations

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I won't be in class this Wednesday, as I'll be in NYC looking at grad schools! It's been a lifelong dream of mine to visit NYC and the possibility of attending grad school there is absolutely thrilling.  I want to document and share this trip as best as possible to then include in my blog(s) and share.  I plan on taking my phone and laptop with me, so does anyone have any suggestions on how best to document my journey?


  1. I use to update my twitter with random photos I'd take throughout the day. It's not like they were particularly beautiful or whatever, but they would just be of things that made me laugh. I remember specifically, taking pictures of weird chalk-graffiti around town. Or when I found really bad design for advertisements or show (especially sitting on the MBus).

    Maybe you could photograph via phone just the random things you see and want to remember. Phones are just so convenient, but you can later refer to the photos and write more on them? Also, you could collect "artifacts" of your visit, like metrocards, or receipts, or whatever.

  2. I love NYC! I was there over the summer for an internship and I miss it so much! While documenting your trip is definitely a good idea, be sure you experience the city as well and don't concern yourself too much with documenting it. Have a great time, and if you need any suggestions of places to eat or go out, you basically can't lose but I'd be happy to share any recommendations :)