Monday, September 24, 2012

Project Maybe Start ish eh?

I've been struggling as to what I want to do for this class "project." While my tumblr has been a start, I think I don't want to just keep posting on there, and call the end result a "project," which was my original idea.
But now I think I want to write something. In one of my other classes we've read lots of work by William Blake, and this is the form in which I want to write. I guess in the end I want to have an "epic."

I've started to germinate a couple ideas, but the latest post on my tumblr, here, is the idea that I want to expand on the most. I want to try to tap into this "infiniteness" and "unity" of the universe. I want to expand beyond my senses and try to catch the things that have fallen between. The title "I Will Taste Light" really captures the general feel of how I want to write. Light has been traditionally used to represent truth, but also associated with only sight. Tasting light does not only represent my desire for truth in unity and infinity, but also attempts to mix my senses, to synthesize my perception of the universe. I also love the idea of anthropomorphizing nature. I like to think that I am no different from a tree, (read more) because we are made of the same things. The pieces that make up my mind and my body are no different than the pieces that make up a tree. This idea can also be extrapolated to apply to the entire universe, and I want to capture this somehow. The pictures on my tumblr are my attempt at finding non-traditional representations of trees and forests to keep inspiring the expansion of the branches in my mind.


  1. Your ideas reminded me of this short film called Synesthesia.

    The idea of experiencing what would be sensed with one sense through other senses is interesting, especially with your title, "I Will Taste Light." Maybe your project will result in an interactive form, something that's experienced and perceived, not just seen?

  2. "Synesthesia" is very interesting indeed --interpreting a sense via another sense --tasting color, hearing color, etc. go here, to wikipedia for a little more information: tp://

    "Light probably is delicious --I'm only imagining, but "light" (staying with wikipedia is made of many components, each of which could present a taste for those who make a meal of "light" --now if this meal is moving, speed could affect taste, etc. --different speeds could result in different tastes --so how light moves, and what is interacted with in this movement could affect taste, in most compelling ways!

    Loved the poam by the ways (product of acts of making: see this limited fork glossary:

  3. --of course branches! Fantastic! --if your system of ideas can branch --very good for you! Let it branch --and become a forest --or something else with networks of branches!

    wikipedia again for branch:

    "Branches" magazine:

    or this googlism for branch:

    Here's a location for "Branching, Forking, Merging, and Tagging":

    or this wikipedia image of tree branches:

    or this vimeo video "Branch"

    the same company on twitter:

    --you're already on a track! --Keep going!