Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Space

I really like the space on North Campus. I've never really spent much time up there, and it's nice change of pace. It poses as a great time to pause from my normal routine and take in a really beautiful campus, bustling with people I've never met. I'm not quite sure about the full extent of capabilities the DL1 has to offer yet, but I'm sure these will become more and more clear as we continue to meet. While it requires slightly more effort to get to North Campus, this doesn't particularly bother me because I have a car-- in fact, driving 10 minutes in the winter will probably be much preferred than walking the 10 minutes from my house to central campus when its so cold. The only real concern I have is making it to my commitments back on central campus on time, but overall I'm excited to see all that this lab has to offer!

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