Monday, September 24, 2012

My class blog, finally!

Hi everyone! My apologies for being slightly absent and silent on this blog the past couple weeks. I have a natural preference for physical writing and journaling, so I have been keeping a physical journal of my thoughts and responses so far. I have begun posting the entries on my personal class blog, and will continue to do so throughout the semester. Follow me and reply to any of my posts as you wish! Here is the link to my blog. See you all in an hour!

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  1. Silence can be so useful --especially when silence permits and enables some listening, some receptivity to other sources of information --not idle at all to listen, if listening is active --allows for more quiet exchanges...

    --not that online blogs and such have no physicality at all --they do!
    What wikipedia offers about silence:

    and this link will take you to advertising for "Silence! The Musical":

    this link takes you to "Silence: a journal of RNA regulation:]

    Definition at

    Goolism for silence?

    Go here to con net with "The Church of Google"

    "Pure Silence" right here:

    Much, much, more!