Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thinking out loud...

I want my book to change the way people think. 

I want my book to change the expectations of my audience.

I want my book to touch at least one small part of their soul.

I want my book to engulf them, not just be something to look at.

I want my book to tickle their 5 senses. 

I want my book to translate a strong message.

But I am struggling with the idea of the actual execution!... 

...Wait. Epiphany moment. When we read books, if we get into it enough we feel as though we are inside the story, living through it in a sense through our imaginationSo what if I take out the middle man. What if I create a space where the audience IS inside the book. The space is filled with words all over the walls the furniture the floor, the puzzle pieces of the story all around them. They are literally inside the book. But not only that, I use subtle sounds to make those inside the book believe that they are hearing the sounds from this book, this world. I use subtle images projected on the words to make those inside the book believe that they are seeing the images from the story.

Manipulating psychology is one of the best forms of using art to change perspectives. Once, my family was at an art museum in Boston and we were walking around. We got to a certain exhibit and my mom sat down for a moment on a bench that had a pot with a flower on it. After a few minutes, my mom came up to me and asked "did you hear that?!" "What? Hear what?" I said. "Something just said 'HELP ME'" she said. "...What?" I said. I thought she was crazy. It was after a few minutes of her saying that she kept hearing it, and doing a bit of investigation work that we discovered that the flower she was sitting next to had a hidden microphone and was saying "HELP ME" in a very quiet high pitched voice.

This piece of art totally tricked all of us into thinking that my mom was crazy and was hearing things, and made her question if she really was crazy and hearing things. I think I can use the sounds and projections in the same way...make the audience believe that the "book" they are "inside of" is giving them images and making them hear things, making them believe they are really inside this story.

Just ideas...floating around my head...never ending...still not sure of what I want the content of this "book" to be...those thoughts haven't made their way into words yet...


  1. Wonderful image, and love your ambitions, your plans, your maps --which are worth somethng in themselves! --"intentions" matter!

    Many believe that forms of craziness are requited to be inventive, that altered minds are more caapable of leaving and not being bound by conventions of thinking, conventions of doing, conventions of ambition, etc.