Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Nu Project

Found this gallery today - women in their homes in their natural states (nude).  Really empowering for us as women to see the female form like this.  There are women of all ages, colors and sizes here, in both the US and Brazil (I think).  Gorgeous pictures, and check out the expressions of the women's faces - most of them look so confident to me.  Nudity being such a taboo is something that seems kind of weird to me.  I think nudity can be extremely non-sexual.  I know that I have become desensitized to nudity from working in home health care and hospitals for five years and seeing nude people every single day, but I think it's something we all need to think about.  Why does nudity embarrass us?  Why do we see breasts and genitals as sexual when they are merely exposed, not in a sexual light but in an everyday, natural way?  Why does a man become a sex offender if he urinates in public and people see him?  Why is a large man with B-cup breasts perfectly accepted in swim trunks at a beach but if a woman with A-cup breasts were to show up in bikini board shorts and no top, she would be asked to leave and people would be offended?


  1. I think this is really interesting, because I get really turned off by how extremely sexualized everything is made in society, not even the physical body but every aspect of life, and how people see themselves in light of their sexuality, and see others as their sexuality only, and all of these things are just such perversions of what it means to be inhabiting a body in this world. We are most basically human beings, living in these bodies and that is so humbling to feel interconnected in that bodily experience which is universal and not based on male or female. Distorted sexuality is definitely what it's about because I think it's become something plastic and artificial over the true natural humanity of our bodies, and our spirits.

    So thanks for this enlightening thought.

  2. I feel the same Elise... sex and sexuality are obviously a part of who we are as humans but I really think it is blown so far out of proportion by our society. Shouldn't sex be an aspect of our lives and not an all-consuming, everywhere-you-look, obsession that our culture seems to have made it?