Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Final Outcome

As I continue on this journey,

I am aware of the daily obstacles. Today, unfortunately was one of the biggest challenges I've had in a while. One situation just completely overtaking me. Have you ever felt like a weight was tied to your shoulders?

Yah, today was something like that.

However, after soaking in the thoughts and realizing how far I've come, I have no reason to submit to those thoughts. No reason to feel inferior to anybody besides God, the ruler over all. Those challenges are only there to build character, to make me stronger, to show me what life is. They are not there to sympathize with me.

Growing up I was taught that life has its up and downs, but somehow it will get better.

Well honestly it doesn't. Your perception just changes as the years grow old.
You become wiser. ONLY to look in the mirror the next day, and tell your attitude...

You've grown. You will never let those thoughts defeat you again.

Though the process is bearing, the final outcome is all that matters.


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  1. That is Awesome, Nya I am so impressed by you. Thank you for this heartfelt post, I think we all can relate to these human concepts and realities and experiences. Thank you:)