Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Soul Mate, The One....Or So I thought.......

Last week I wrote about how love can be so many things.  How our Soul Mate or The One doesn't have to be a person who we are emotionally and sexually involved with and attracted too.  When you think you have found The One wether it's a man, woman, or friend what do you do if it doesn't work out the way you pictured?  What if down the road you fall out of love, you get hurt, you are not treated as you should be, and you become unhappy?  Many people come to this crossroad in every kind of relationship.
What makes these crossroads so difficult it the decision to stay or to leave.  Some stay for many reasons.  If your in a relationship or marriage you may stay because you have low self--esteem, are afraid of being alone, feeling not wanted, or afraid of being on your own and independent.  With a friendship it may be afraid to not be a part of a crowd, or being alone and on your own, or fear of not being accepted by your peers.   So some people stay and are not happy, but are to afraid to break away and move on and be independent.  Afraid to start over or begin again.  And what happens when you stay and it's too late and you waste a life of potentially happiness?  This is more prone and in relationships and marriage.  All the time we see people staying in relationships and marriage where they are treated badly or unhappy and they stay.   Whether it's for kids or whether they feel like they are too old to get a divorce and find someone new.
The same can also been true with a friend.  Why stay friends with someone who is not a good friend? whether they are not trustworthy or truthful or loving.  Why have them in your life?

why waste time surrounding yourself with people who you know are not worth it and you deserve better?

Some people have the will and courage to get out.  To get out of hurtful relationships and marriages and to rid themselves of worthless friends, and focus on the people who are true, moral, trustworthy, and loving.  These people are not afraid of life and the obstacles it brings, they overcome them.

As I've gotten older,  I have learned to be a little less trusting when it comes to friendships.  I have been betrayed by many people who were supposedly friends.  My mother would say "As you get older, the less friends you have." And it's true, but it is also not a bad thing, it's a good thing.  Lately I've learned to rid the people in my life who are just not worth my time.  I've already got friends who I love and love me as well.  With relationships I am slowly learning hahaha.  I have never been in love, but I've certainly entered into relationships and settled for much less than I deserved and have gotten hurt.  I'm learning to be smart and know what I deserve and holding out for that.  Never settle in any relationship.

There are good people in this world--good friends, good lovers.  We just have to carefully find them and identify them, but they are out there.  All kinds of Love is out there, we just have to be patient and let it come to us and we will be rewarded in the end.

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