Sunday, February 17, 2013

Average is Dangerous

Is it possible too think to big? I didn't think it was. You three didn't think it was.

Why do you tell me that sir, that I think too big? What is too big?

Does it mean that you do not understand it? Does it mean that you do not believe in it? Does it mean that you are confused by it?

It hurts that you think I think too big. Isn't that what you want of this generation, to think big? If I was to think too small, I would be lazy and incompetent.  But when I think too big I am overly ambitious and crazy. What do you want of me then? To be somewhere in the middle?.....To be the average?

Well sir, I will tell you right now that average is not good enough. Average is dangerous.  Average is old fashion. Average is not fun, creative, determined, excitable, extravagant, innovative, unique, alert, diligent, or purposeful.  Average is boring.

I will not waste my time with you telling me to be boring. Leave me to my crazy thoughts and ridiculous determination, and maybe one day, one day, you will see that I am right and you are wrong.

I wish you luck sir, as you travel through life. I hope you have an average one.

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  1. Nothing wrong with an average life! --most lives are average! Most of us are "average" --I don't mind being "average"! ''I love :Olivia Pig" by Ian Falconer, her book: "Dream Big" (

    --Good advice, Pauline!