Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recording Snippets

So much of our memory is lost. Could there be a way to record snippets of it for our recollection?

Here is an ongoing project orchestrated by Cesar Kuriyama:

Although I love this idea, I am wondering how effective it is to just document a single random seconds of each day. While it is better than nothing at all, I would imagine documenting a series of similar instances day-after-day would be interesting, like recording every meal eaten for a week, every time you brush your teeth for a month, or every time you walk up a flight of stairs. The possibilities seem limitless, but wherein lies the meaning?

1 comment:

  1. --hope that possibilities continue to seem limitless, although , as you point out, meaning is more elusive, and even personal --building collective meaning is more difficult, yet we seem to need collective meanings also --"contexts" help us discern these collective meanings --nevertheless, I like "Cesar Kuriyana's" project --is not life composed of a series of connected seconds, usually lost? --and if they're documented and preserved, then they can be referred to, used in some way --[erhaps a mistae is to seek meaning too soon?