Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day one of the Babo juice cleanse and I have never wanted a piece of bread more!  In fact I'm on Juice 1 of Day 1.  It's going to be a long 3 days, hahaha.  I have never learned to appreciate solid food more!  I am doing the juice cleanse to clean out my system and body and refresh it since we ingest some many chemicals we are probably not aware of.  And speaking of chemicals.....

Among many things in class today we discussed the food and agriculture corporations in this country.  We talked about how healthier, fresh foods are more expensive than the ones that are processed and pretty much fake.  Why is that?  I brought up the documentary Food Inc. which I am very passionate about, including this issue.  I am very into being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  We talked about how none of us, even our parents, can afford to shop at Whole Foods because it will burn through our wallets even though we all love the food and it is the best for you!  The fact that we buy our food that comes from factory farms where animals are shot up with hormones and chemicals and then we ingest them is disgusting. The same is with fruit and vegetable that also get hormones and pesticides.   Ever see those giant strawberries in the market that look so delicious! I have and I've eaten all of them! But I also digested some lovely unnatural hormones!  And the food corporations make these foods cheaper to buy then buying local or free range meat and poultry that is raised without hormones, and fruit that are grown without hormones and are picked off the tree.  The food corporations make unhealthy and processed foods cheaper than the natural and healthy ones.  Great message to send to the country? Because our country wants major food production fast with as little cost as possible.  This cause animals being in horrible living conditions and humans eating food that may have thing in them that are not natural and harmful.  Now it seems you have to be rich to eat healthy which is not a message we should be send people.

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