Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love, The One, Soul Mates.....

Soul Mates, The One, Love, Being in Love, Falling in Love.....with these words what do we think of?  Most of us would probably think of a significant other or person in the world we can be physically and emotionally connected to and have a relationship with.  For me I would automatically think of being swept off my feet by a man and being able to share myself emotionally and physically.  But are there other types of The One? Do we only think of it as someone we have a physical and emotional relationship with, or we want to marry and have kids with? Does it only have to be that?

What if The One or our Soul Mate is not what our society has programed us to think of.  What if The One or Soul Mate is your mother or father, your child, a brother, a grandmother, a sister, or a best friend? What if being in love is the relationship between a brother and a sister, a mother and child, or two best friends?  Sometimes there are people who never find what we typically think of as The One,  a person who you fall madly in love with and share your life with in a relationship.  It's sad to think of, but some people don't, but that doesn't mean they didn't have The One.  That person could still be right beside them, they just don't think of them in that way. It could be their mom, father, brother, sister, aunt, cousin, or friend.

If you think about the criteria for ASoul Mate or The One it would be they love and understand you no matter what, they don't judge, they support you, they make you happy when you are around them, they push you and believe in you, there is complete trust and honesty, they understand you better than you understand yourself at times, they would die for you.  What out of all that criteria is something you would not have with a mother or father or brother or a best friend?  The only thing that is not present is the physical part, but thats different form the emotional part.

I guess what I am getting at is we shouldn't limit how we think of love or our soul mate.  We should take a  look around, and we might actually see how lucky we are,  we might realize we do have a Soul Mate and The One in our lives, and is that awesome to have that person with us.

One of the scenes and lines I love from one of my favorite shows and I think its completely true :)


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