Monday, February 11, 2013

Dean Mitchell

Here is a painting done by Dean Mitchell.
He is an african-American figurative artist who works with oil and water color, and
became very well-known for his work in the late 1950's.

I came across his work today and was truly touched by his words.

I am documenting him throughout this journey because of his story.
He grew up in a poor neighborhood as well and was very concerned with
the spirituality of human beings (currently my concern). He did not see skin color,
nor class, or stature. He saw people through his heart. With an unfailing love,
he was able to touch the masses not only through his art, but through
his love and by that he had drawn so many from all different races.

He is one of the few artist that I admire.

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  1. Perfect for "Black History month!

    Many forms of "poverty", Nya --best to avoid, as Dean Mitchell does, "poverty" and "bankruptcy" of spirit! --accomplishing when others would deny such possibilities!