Sunday, January 30, 2011


Originally, I was going to work with language because I thought that the barrier that was/is set up between people who can't understand each other was a huge problem.  I think I might have found something that I am more passionate about means more.  It all revolves around "love".
What can change how someone perceives things. What can change how someone feels. What can change the world. LOVE. Love can do all of that. With love, I believe, we can do great things.
Think about those that aren't loved. People who have been stepped on, forgotten about, and hated. What do they know that others don't. What do those others know that the hated don't.
Now everyone has felt love and everyone has felt hate, but what can be found with this?
This of those in prisons. They need love. I think that is where my mission lies at the moment. Love to the unfortunate. What do they know and what can they teach me.
That is all for now

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