Monday, January 17, 2011

Decoding Dress Codes

Everyday we are faced with tons of advertisements through numerous streams of multimedia. I want to decode dress codes and what exactly are is presented on a socio-cultural aspect. As many people look at the way we interpret text, codes and signs. I want to look at why that outfit was chosen? Why is she/he wearing it? I hope to only use online resources that I frequent already such as fashion blogs, magazines and videos. These forms of expressing fashion is a new emergence that allows for people of all different backgrounds and socio-economic levels to participate.

What drives you to dress the way you do?

These two photos, I choose show two very different forms of dress. The first is an example of a man who doesn't have an interest in fashion. But why is he found on a popular fashion blog? The next is a personal sketch or characterization of a French fashion blogger. What made her choose the items she put in the sketch? For example, the bag in the photo is immediately recognizable for any fashion connoisseur and puts the artist on an entire different level of wealth and status. Does she embody the bag? Or does the bag add to her cultural identity?

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  1. It’s so cool that you posted this!!! I was thinking almost the same thing earlier today—I looked in the mirror and realized that my clothes were a kind of remix, created from my experiences, habits, and beliefs. I wish I could post a picture, but I’m wearing my (much less blog-worthy) pajamas at the moment, so I’ll just describe what I was wearing earlier.

    -My sister’s green fitted T-shirt with a dinosaur on it. My sis used black fabric marker to cross out the word “Meatosaurus” and draw a smiley face in its place—she liked the image on the shirt, but neither of us are big meat-eaters. After Christmas, the shirt *somehow* ended up in my suitcase.

    -A red glass cross necklace I bought in Rome over New Years. An impulse buy, in the basement of a little Venetian glass shop.

    -A light-blue sport-watch that doesn’t work. I’ve gotten used to wearing it—the thing only broke a couple days ago.

    -Jeans that don’t fit; haven’t had time to buy a new pair, and the others are in the dryer.

    -Two pairs of stud earrings my grade school friend, Tina, gave me around Thanksgiving, because she’d bought a large pack of earrings and didn’t need all of them.

    -One black-and-red polka dotted sock, one pink sock. I wear matching socks about one day a month.

    Strange, how well this captures my personality. :) I think your project sounds fantastic. Whether consciously or not, we construct our appearances as an expression of NOT ONLY who we are, but also where we’ve been. Just another way we interact with our environments.