Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is the issue really about free speech?

Our discussion on free speech especially with the Tuscan shooting is incredibly limited. I beg to differ here, but hear me out. Why are we talking about the rhetoric like it drove this man to shoot and kill, why are we pleading insanity for him based on political lines, and why has the media made this tragedy into the next hate fueled battle pinning the right and left?

Let us come to terms with the facts. Loughner is a terrorist. I said it, you read it right. He is a bloody terrorist with the cold and evil intention of causing bloodshed at a simple supermarket town meeting. If he were Muslim, the discussion would not be about the rhetoric and his fuel of hatred. It would be another media fiesta about the Muslim World which might include discussions on the Arab World or Afghanistan/Pakistan/India. Simply I see it like this: there shouldn't be a discussion about free speech circulating this man's motives, the discussion should be about the rise of violence and disunity due to politics. I enjoy bashing on Palin as much as the next, but "taking back America" shouldn't be taken literally and everyone including Loughner knew this.

This reminds me of the case of the man who walks into the school board meeting and aims to kill and/or harass the members for his financial decline. When the media got a hold of this, we were not discussing poverty and the effects of the economy on the middle to low class and their mental health, the airwaves instead were up in arms about gun control and the hero (security guard) who saved the day.

So, no I don't want to discuss free speech. I don't care about gun control. I want to get down to the facts, the nitty gritty intentions about those civilians behind the bullets and sometimes their delusional minds. I wonder if instead of raising our own battles in response to such actions, we need instead to unite and see the larger tragedy at hand, whether it is about a man like many others who is unable to support his family or about a crazed gunman instead of the supposed rhetoric around him.

Check these out: What is your take?

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