Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idea for semester project

I've been working on an media performance piece dealing with issues of communication in the 21st century. I realized that this piece contains ideas that embody critical fork theory. As we develop an understanding of of this theory (through classroom/personal experiments)-- I wonder what how limited fork theory relates to systematic issues of experience. This issue arose today as I realized my performance piece incorporates many forms of experience- live sound as well as silence, video projection. But it is through these various forces of experience that the narrative of my piece begins to become inaccessible or rather complicated. This complication or inaccessibility parallels the definition of limited fork theory...

"that not only includes, but also appreciates: imagination,
the fruitfulness of dead ends, the possibilities of error,
the usefulness of failure, the beauty of the many configurations
of the box the limited fork comes out of and goes into, forking,
reconfiguring, shaping, foldimg, unfolding, and bifurcating all the way."

This is why I think this media performance might serve as a fruitful long term project within the context of this class. I hope to discuss or refine these thoughts soon.

The self-title album by Twine is a source of inspiration for thinking about this long term project and (i feel) is relevant to limited fork theory. Check it out:

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