Monday, January 17, 2011

First Post

I plan to create a video projection poster. It will be a 3x5 ft poster. I walk through Nickels Arcade almost daily. I always enjoy the walk and I always enjoy looking around at the facades that are thrown up to the ceiling. I also always, almost always, think different thoughts every time I walk through the arcade. My poster will reflect this. I will film the walk through Nickel's Arcade at, what I feel are, different moments during time or experience. When I have a sufficient number, I am thinking around ten to thirteen reels of the walk, I will place all of the short clips stacked on each other. So the image should be something like ten fruit by the foots set flat on a white surface with the edge of each touching the one above and the one below. Or another image that should be helpful is the one of the time stamp where you can adjust the separate bands to the current date. There will be bottom and top white margins - like where the space for the headers and footers go on a word document. (It is important to note that each clip will not be playing at identical speeds)

Onto these clips I will graft a poem written while reflecting on that particular film and the feelings emanating from and around me at the time of filming. Words will be emphasized and lighted, slowed down and toned in concord with the content of the poem.

In such a manner I hope to demonstrate the interactivity of the literature with time and space. (With space set as, more or less, a constant). My finished product should present the reader with the urge to linger in front of the poster trying to read all of the various texts that, according to each film, move slowly or quickly, sporadically or smoothly. Since these clips will be on a loop, some poems will present themselves more often than others thus reflecting the influence of redundancy and repetition on the ever moving and ever changing poster.

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