Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drivel into Civil

Ask anyone why he doesn't care much for Twitter and he'll claim that it's nothing but a bunch of bite-sized yippty-yap. I use Twitter because I can see its huge potential. On Twitter, I'm one with the masses where I can be just as important or at the same level to am A-list celebrity. A while back, I asked Demi Moore (@mrskutcher) a question and she responded.  Only on Twitter would this be possible, practical, and convenient compared to alternative methods of contacting her, like through e-mail, snail mail, or calling her phone.

Not only can I directly contact famous persons, but major companies as well.  Comcast has taken steps to improve its image where its customers congregate.  They created a Twitter account (@comcastcares), scoured for tweets with negative reviews or complaints about Comcast service, and responded with condolences or solutions.  The list of interesting ways to use Twitter goes on and on from playing games to avoiding speed traps.

Yet, what can be done about the undeniably large amount of babble that does exist on Twitter?  I stumbled upon "the longest poem in the world."  This site automatically matches tweets up so that it creates an extremely lengthy poem with a couplet rhyming scheme.  The outcome is something quite wonderful: seemingly insipid and pointless chatter is transformed into charming literary art.

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