Monday, January 17, 2011

First Post!

I enjoy the irony of this picture because it represents how things have negative feedback loops in our society that keep catapulting our culture into danger. Where does it stop? We create our own limits by engaging in this vicious cycle. I hope to incorporate this ideology into a piece focused on the environment.

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  1. A great illustration of a frustrating situation. Fortunately, no system is sufficiently stable to be exempt from change —including desirable systems (perhaps undesirable, but until more change happens). I love flux (meaning flow, movement of bifurcation, enabler of connection, surface to surface contact) for that reason. That which is stable tends to move toward instability. That which is unstable tends to move toward stability.

    I am so pleased to learn that you plan to work on a poam system that focuses on the environment; just convincing people that they are part of the environment, and not something separate from the environment, exempt from consequences —just as we are already in space —we're on a planet after all. And we are part of the planet's wildlife, biting ourselves sometimes, each other, and many other of our planetary collaborators and co-owners.