Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are copyright laws good or bad?

On the one hand, I'd argue that they're least to some extent. Not everyone shares a respect for art, a desire to build something new from existing work. Some people just want to make a killing off bootleg DVDs.

But this is the 21st century, and copyright laws are dragging their feet. All around us, the world is buzzing with new and old technology--books, TV and movies, youtube videos, tweets and facebook posts, blogs, newscasts, old paintings, new paintings, fashion, graffiti, parodies, remixes of remixes--

It's a little overwhelming. It's also rich with untapped potential.

In our remix culture, new technologies create the potential for new artistic mediums. But as long as art is sold as commodity, copyright laws will play an essential role. So how can we find the balance between protecting an artist's work and locking it away?

P.S. I made a separate blog to document my ideas, because I'm thinking my final project will involve the progression of these thoughts, and it really helps me to see it all in one place...though maybe that's the organized writer in me, getting in the way. :) Obviously I'll make the same posts here, since the interplay between all our ideas is crucial to what we're working towards. I hope that's okay!

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  1. "So how can we find the balance between protecting an artist's work and locking it away?"

    In response this question, I think that what is necessary in relation to copy right law is establishing whether information, online, is entirely public or private. I think it becomes a question of establishing laws and then enforcing them- rather than finding a balance.

    I think another way to look at this issue is understanding that once something goes online- the accessibility to that image, video, or song, is widely circulating. The artist relinquishes control at that moment- opting to gain wider circulation in the pursuit of a record deal or something (for example), while losing monetary capital (within that moment).