Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fork Theory and Publishing

As of right now, I am planning on thinking about the ways in which fork theory affects the publishing world. As someone who is interested in book publishing as a future career, I am extremely curious about how new media is affecting readers' experiences and the pros and cons of reading print vs. new media. I want to investigate the ways in which readers' experiences can be improved through the use of new media. I also question how the emergence of ebooks and other formats of publishing affect the experience of the author and the publishers as well. It seems to me that editing will remain important, yet with opportunities to use formats such as blogging as writing, will authors still wish to invest in an editor? These issues aren't only affecting book publishing, but other print formats as well, such as newspapers, magazines, etc. I'd also be interested in looking at the direction of those print formats and the ways which they are affected. Basically, I wish to focus my project on the consequences of the integration of the publishing industry with remix culture.

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