Tuesday, February 15, 2011

truth in the Environment

Does anyone remember the truth ads that aired quite a bit on TV a while ago?
Here's one to jog your memory as I'm sure you've seen at least one:

This campaign of shaping a small space in New York to send an anti-smoking, anti-tobacco message was effective.  As you can see in the above video, they did use words to express exactly what was represented when 1,200 body bags were piled outside a tobacco company building.  But, would the words mean as much or have the same impact without the body bags laid out for anyone to see?  The words, by themselves, do send a message, but that message is greatly enhanced by using the environment to grab passerby's attention and make them seek out an explanation instead of throwing out some words on the street hoping for someone to take the time to read them.  Even if the truth campaign merely confused a few people, the message was received and it made someone wonder the meaning behind two large stacks of body bags right outside a tobacco company's office space.  Mission accomplished.

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