Sunday, February 20, 2011

Collaborative Art and Technology

Collaborative art is nothing new. There's always been graffiti in big cities and writing on bathroom stalls.

But I'm interested in not only what, but also HOW and WHY. What's so intoxicating about writing where you're not supposed to? What's the draw of sharing something that will remain anonymous, something that will probably be painted over or covered up?

The internet has given a new outlet to this controversial art form. Websites like postsecret, fmylife, and even twitter allow strangers to come together and create a collage of secrets, of thoughts and ideas and confessions. Why are people so drawn to public (and often anonymous) forums? Should projects like these be considered art?

I'm not sure EXACTLY where I'm going with this, but the idea may extend into other areas....any place where people take ownership of technology or use a medium that no one else has thought of before.

P.S. Rainbow font in honor of "I wish it were spring" Sunday, a holiday I just invented. :)

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  1. No! I agree, everyone is drawn to this new notion of co-presence of strangers on Twitter, post secret and all the rest! Its entertaining to read and odd when you really imagine someone taking the time to post it.

    I don't what to think about public forums with words being considered as art, but I think that technology is reshaping them so they can very soon be. Check out the app Flipboard, they layout your tweets, and all of your other subscriptions in a magazine format. Their byline is "your social magazine" and it was named "App of the Year" last year.