Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Allegory_2

The allegory, although basic, is at its core, highly explanatory. The larger hands and the smaller heads of the villagers mirror our larger craniums suited to higher brain function and capacity. The villagers likewise must use their hands to harvest and plant their seeds in the earth.

The field represents the platonic notion of forms in that they are the ideas that everybody can tap into. The process of harvesting and planting is the notion of the creative process: in essence, they transform the ideas which ‘float around in space (the scene is set in an alien land)’ personally through their given fields.

When Presston, play on the word “press” from the “printing press”, creates a connection to another group of people and thoughts he opens up a dialogue and a multitude of new ideas (the seeds from the sides of the paths). Currency is established in order to trade to the optimum. In our own world the printing press essentially made it possible for us to exchange aesthetic and literary content.

Enter Trenneti; – an anagram for Internet – she opens up an exponentially larger set of connections. Likewise, if the press could be depicted as the one path, the internet has opened up a miasma of different interconnections and exchange. Knowing about these paths, she is able to stay one step ahead of her village, selling their wares as her own. This is analogous to matters of intellectual property such as internet piracy.

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