Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Essence Fades.

This poem demonstrates the transience of thought over time - how things may be rekindled into a different form than how it burned first, how things may be buried only to be excavated in a completely degraded or hyperbolated form etc... Memories are interesting, we may remember, but we can only remember from the current point in perspective and time - an instant that is lived can never be re-lived in its entirety from a memory. Essence fades.

Today, Because of you,

It filled, blurred, and lingered in my eyes

Before banishment away

The reel I thought had burned at conclusion

Smoulders in a memory – spits fire –

From two stones pestle into dust

Within this willing mortal.

(Is this why, in the conjoined spirals, hesitation laced inclination?)

Minute moments of Minute pleasures

Exiled into antiquity…

Carefully, meticulously, I pick gossamer cobwebs,

Arrange faint strands of distinction around your site ends

So breathlessly

Pull back the drapes of time.

And how have you been? Cloven of my flesh.

The grains of sand mingle with the téars of my palm

And remember when it was rock.

when it was quarry.

when it was older.

And lay as boulders, beneath the mountain’s


My clenched fists cannot – do not –

Hold memory,

They clutch at individuals.

There will be no living in the sarcophagus,

For you have rotten in the crypt I have kept you.

Fan the smoke into combustion,

We must burn it all down, these,

The abodes of old.

Softly trickle the boulder – wasted away –

Return it to the desert.

Smoothing the layers –

I bury,




: Because mirrors underlaid the screening.

.Because mirrors underlay the screening :

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