Monday, February 21, 2011

Limited Fork Theory + Many Collaborators

This is a piece that I did for the Detroit Independent Film Festival that will play in March. Evaluating this piece, I was thinking about the process of collaborating with other elements in art making. For this piece, I took video and translated it to VHS tape and then I re-translated the VHS footage to a Quicktime screen capture. I noticed the "artifacts" popped up in the film. These artifacts are the black flashes with green stripes that flash up in the film. Limited Fork discusses the concept of multiple collaborators in the creative process- space, time, etc. The use of digital equipment, in art making, can be as "experimental" as the work of the abstract-expressionist movement during the 50s and 60s. Digital equipment and programs DO in fact lend gesture or the artist's touch-- it is not just about the mechanical age of reproduction anymore.


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  1. INDEED!

    The toolset available to us is much broader, much more dynamic for what the individual may now accomplish —it's incredible how much technology has filtered down into forms that lay people, that the uninitiated in engineering and/or programming can explore, producing, possibly, more forms of expression, especially as makers find uses for tech stuff beyond or even instead of intentions.

    A fascinating video piece, by the way.