Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Publishing Project Progress

Today I began making progress on my investigation into the world of publishing. I came up with a kind of outline for my project, though it is definitely not a comprehensive list of all of the topics I will be attempting to cover. I am sure I will end up expanding upon it considerably. I also started the creation of the website on which I am planning on recording my findings. Using my current outline, I designed multiple tabs that encompass the different categories I will be delving into during my investigation. I took a screen shot of the beginnings of my website (at left). Thus far it is still just a skeleton but eventually it will encompass the entire project.

I also discovered a Journal of Electronic Publishing that is the product of Mpublishing here at U of M. I am really looking forward to reading through it and hopefully linking some of the relevant articles to my website.

I had the idea to add a blog to my website as well today. Although it is mainly supposed to be a research project, I feel that the nature of the topic I have chosen to look at calls for discussion. My hope is that if visitors to my site read through the information I have presented, they will hopefully generate ideas of their own which they can then add to the blog. In this way, creative new ideas about the possibilities that electronic publishing facilitates can be communicated freely.

This post sums up my project so far. Any comments or suggestions to improve it are welcome. I'll post more as progress is being made!

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