Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some late thoughts on Chatroulette/"Copying"

None of you deserve this, but I did not enjoy using Chatroulette at all; it was nothing but trouble for me and, well, somebody has to take the deluge. I did not talk to a single nice person. Not one. The prospective sight of my boobs was a popular topic of conversation:

I also forgot to mention that whenever I refused to show my boobs, people either "nexted" me, or got very angry. I didn't record one conversation I had that was particularly interesting, probably because I actually was somewhat involved in the conversation, which was not the case with any of the conversations I captured. In this conversation, he and I were both visible but muted. He also seemed to be struggling with English. I decided to ask him where he was from, and he refused to tell me and insisted that I take a guess. I guessed incorrectly several times, and once again, the boobs came up. I refused to show him. He was mad. He responded by saying "You are whole slut" (I think he meant to say that I was a total slut) and then he said "son of beach" (he obviously meant to say "son of a bitch"). He also was the third person to ask me to take off my glasses. People either wanted to see my boobs or didn't want to see my glasses. I refused to take off my glasses. NEXT (he seemed to say), and he went away. Oh well. So, Chatroulette is not a good way to find friends. Or it isn't a good way for me to make friends.

Also, My freshman year in East Quad, I had to pay 3000$ for downloading 1 song on the U of M network (stupid).

I saw this recently;

I also saw the sequel;

Does anything like this ever worked?

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