Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chattin with Master Debators

I was just forced to talk to people smoking stogies in France who wanted to talk about Charles Bukowski, some sororities girls at Oklahoma State who want to add me on Facebook because my last name is Hickey, and of course, plenty of men pleasuring their lonely selves.

I think the best part is that you don't get to choose who you talk to. Like how the people on the other end of my connections didnt get to choose to address the pinata doll acting as my chat proxy, but they all got a good laugh out of it. The key is to just swallow the super-awkwardness of the whole thing and accept that 5% of these encounters might turn out well. But the ones that do, are like running into those random people you find on the streets sometimes that keep you thinking about them for a while, wondering what drove them to wear such funny hats, or say such awkward things, or publicly exhibit their self-love.

Here's a boring but albeit surprisingly casual encounter with a French graduate student whoe is traveling to New York but lacks confidence in his English command:

You: ohhh i see, well you seem pretty good so far
Stranger: Thanks dude
You: you will be fine in NY, there are so many people from so many different places, and so many different languages spoken on the street
You: my french is terribly rusty
You: i tried to learn for a short while, but i speak only english and spanish
Stranger: Yeah, different language
Stranger: Difficult sorry
Stranger: What time in Michigan ?
You: 8:17 pm
You: late at night there?
Stranger: here is 02:18AM
Stranger: Yeah i'm tired dude
Stranger: Do you have Facebook ?
You: yeah i was about to ask you the same
You: my first name is Thomas
You: last name Hickey
Stranger: unfortunately
Stranger: I'm erased my account
Stranger: recently
Stranger: :-(
You: to try to get a job or just beacuse?
Stranger: because, we see alot of useless things
You: i agree
Stranger: adress email ?
Stranger: here mine : xavier.senatore@gmail.com
Stranger: no facebook sorry
You: yeah, my e-mail is -- hickeyt@umich.edu -- , you should let me know what you think of the states, and possibly recommend me more good movies
You: it was a good conversation

ChatRoulette, you creep me the f out, but thanks for the flashes of greatness.

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