Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chat Roulette was scary for us!

Here is a video we made to express our feelings about chat roulette


we were subject to exhibitionism, voyeurism, french people, and some very excitable teenagers. While taking a breather outside Clara and I decided that this made us feel a bit STRANGE.

Maybe it should be closer to 2AM when I do this next.

Also I will be wearing a HAT.


  1. Sounds good, but right now, no video; only the audio. My computer or perhaps the file? Please check this out; I'd love to see the video.

  2. Okay; he video's working now. Digital poltergeists deactivated?
    No matter; the glitch belongs to a past now. Thanks for the insights of your experiment. Entertainment purposes seem to be a huge temptation of online experiences no matter the intention, such as the internet introduced for educational, scientific purposes. Can entertainment and other purposes merge? How to harness the potential and channel it into hybrid forms of entertainment that offer more cultural and/or learning opportunities?