Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in class project part 1 in writing

It is very difficult to read ourselves. Reading ourselves is largely a part of interacting with other people. We read ourselves by measuring ourselves against others and by seeing how others react to us. When others react to us, we are not sure how to interpret this much of the time. Other people are ambiguous and we do not know how to read them. One thing we can do to read others is to ask other people. The problem with this is that other people may read things the wrong way, and give us the wrong answer. Another problem is that different people may tell us different things. This means we might get more confused about reading a situation. We cannot rely on ourselves. We cannot rely on other people to give us the answers.

Or can we? Maybe if we got enough people to read us, or if we got enough people to read a certain situation, we can be more likely to read a situation more or less “correctly.” This is because our sample size will increase, and statistically speaking, this might help us reach a plausible conclusion to whatever situation or person we might try to read.

The search suggestions that pop up are the ones that are the most common to many people. They are all wondering the same thing and that is why google helps us read our lives. Not only because it gives us a possible answer we might be looking for, or some insight into I, but also because it lets us know, often times, that we are not the only ones that are wondering what we are wondering. There is a collective conscience that is captured through the search results.

When you think about reading life, it, cannot be separated from understanding and also drawing conclusions from what we read. When reading a book, you sometimes cannot understand what you read. It can be because the text is too complicated or you are disinterested or you are unfocused on what you are reading. The solution in this case is to reread with greater scrutiny what we read the first time. If it something you are not interested in, you will not want to reread, unless you have to. Otherwise you might have read a passage and moved on because you did not understand and you did not want to understand.

It is a waste to continue reading without understanding. The same principles are applied in reading life. Something might happen in your life and you will not understand. You can type “why did this happen to me” into google and you might get some answers. Eventually life will go on and you will be faced with a choice; you can revisit the situation or you can ignore it. When you revisit the situation you can ask people about what happened. If you ignore it you face running into the same problem again. And you still wont understand.

We must read carefully. In our lives when we read we must slow down. We must absorb and understand. I think this will help us read our lives. If you keep readings things that you don’t understand, and let it go, you will continue reading, and you may continue to not understand. Pretty soon you will have read an entire chapter and it will not make any sense. You will not reread the whole chapter.

When reading our lives, we read about a lot of things that we do not understand.
We read our lives wearing different caps. Do I read this situation as a person who sees this woman as ‘mentally ill’ or as someone who sees her as a vicious killer deserving life in prison/death.

because of technology, i can enjoy this song any time. and it is my favorite song.

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