Friday, March 12, 2010

chat roulette

chat roulette observations

1. If another girl sees you she will next you right away. Think female-female conversations are maybe the rarest in chatroulette (on number of users alone) but obviously have no proof.
2. chat roulette map here
3. Many will ask you to "show me your boobs"
4. Sometimes I ask people "how old do I look" and most everyone guessed 20 which is my actual age. One person said 19 and one said 18. I look my age or a bit younger. Though I was wearing an anime t-shirt on that day so maybe thats why they thought that.
5. A lot of male exhibitionism, as people have pointed out.
6. I wonder if people fix themselves up for the camera. I know I felt a bit self conscious even though it is just the internet/strangers.
7. Wherever it is 1 AM or 2 AM in the world, people in those countries might possibly be more likely to go on chatroulette.
8. decoys are popular
9. Lots of black screens. Lots of surprised people when I tell them I cant see their camera.
10. Sometimes it is nice to have a black screen from the other person. The tendency to next people is very high on the camera end alone.
11. Chatroulette is worth it for the 10% decent conversations even if 90% is cybering.
12. I felt more comfortable sitting farther away from the camera.
13. Basically everyone in the world knows how to speak english to some extent. I had only one person that did not know how.

Why is chatroulette seemingly more popular among men?
Why do men on chatroulette spend so much effort trying to get girls to flash them? It seems like it would take way longer than just looking at a pair of boobs on the internet or something.

Something that struck me about chatroulette is how seemingly obvious/simple the idea is with fairly lowtech requirements (as far as I understand), but no one has thought of it until now, 2010, though webcams have been around for probably a decade or more, and it such a brilliant thing with a lot of probably good potential. There are brilliant ideas waiting to be uncovered everywhere!!


Oh one thing, we all noticed that there were a ton of French people on chat roulette. We thought maybe it was because of the time of day, but according to the chatroulette map, chatroulette is actually extremely popular in france.

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