Tuesday, March 30, 2010


this is the facebook page of the second magical event I helped organize of READING POETRY into a microphone, playing music, writing, collaborating, ad-libbing, gesturing, making, seeing, playing, drinking, talking, yelling, dancing, whatever you would like to do/share. Bring art/work, make art/work.

we rent out the space every two weeks or so and do how we do how we do we do. it is very refreshing to be in a new (non-academic), ephemeral space-gathering wherein everyone is interested in writing.

if anyone has videos they want to project + equipment--maybe not for this friday but for a later date--that would be awesome to show your movies, too. there is a lot of white blank wall space.

This event will keep happening as long as we care about it so please come. 10pm, byob, suggested donation of $1 (because it costs money to rent the space), 220 s main st.

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