Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Expletive as title

Chatroulette is confusing.

I don't like talking to people on airplanes or making eye contact with people on the street or pauses in small talk. I use my computer and my phone to avoid them. But now, I can use them to create those moments. Because my computer was busy processing these misexhilerating moments, I had to use something else to diffuse my anxiety. Luckily, Design Lab 1 has these empty pinatas. The internet makes me okay with prop/physical comedy because irony is too hard. My second life avatar was outrageous, and I made a pinata dance

Now, I think that everyone I see has a second chatroulette life.

I think that I just gave most of my insight to the fine film Morgan is editing now. This experience illuminated something else to me: webcams always make me feel like I am hosting a public access tv show by accident.

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