Friday, January 18, 2013

What story is this "book" telling? (what do YOU read???)

Watching this again I read a very different "book" than when I first filmed it. What I read just reading it now, was a death of some kind. This CAUTION tape was trying so hard to run away, the tree was killing it, painfully and slowly. I saw the CAUTION tape reach out to me, asking and pleading for help. I saw it speaking to a God, praying. I then saw its death creep up on it, but give one last look of misleading hope, the mili second before its death.

Dark, I know, but today I suppose I read it as a book of tragedy.

What book did you read?


  1. I guess I am in a sad state of mind, but I read this book as sad and lonely. It is caught between the tree and freedom. It is confused and also determined. It is like a relationship. You are tied to someone, you care about them and you strive to become a part of them....and then for some reason you wish to leave, you wish to escape. This book is in that struggle, they are not completely free from the relationship, and are not sure if they want to be, but part of them is dying to escape to live life and to fly. Everyone has this experience and it is how you either decide to give whole heartedly to the tree or to follow your inkling to be free.

  2. --book of tragedy? --sure! --that "caution" makes me wonder, however; what should we "cautious" of? --perhaps "everything"

    --and then there's just joy and pleasure of undulation; that "tape" moving at a wind's pleasure; a dance of "gust"!

    --here's another dance (of "flamingos"):


  3. --sometimes, "stories" of "strangling fig tress" are told: and

  4. more on "strangling fig trees":