Thursday, January 17, 2013


The definition of what a book is requires a discussion of what media is most effective to tell a story. A book is just a form. What matters is learning to find the media best suited to your story or the knowledge you are examining. What's interesting about new media online are the instances where print media is reformatted and viewed through a digital lens. Often times it looks much the same, though a certain aesthetic may be lost or gained. One example of what I believe to be a successful transition is this website a poetry teacher at my last school made:  It makes poetry, some previously published, more accessible to the global community and effectively creates an online anthology. The same sentiment is present when thinking about ebooks. What I think we should really be discussing is how media works and to find examples of what is effective storytelling (whether it be print, digital, illustration, sound, video, etc). This assumes that there can't be a sweeping answer to "what's best" or "what something is" because the theme/purpose of each project operates differently than another.

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