Monday, January 21, 2013

Reading faces --waiting for various forms of transport --please post examples here. --(including placement of cutlery), markets, games. hospitals, waiting for buses taxis, etcetera.

--and "books" without paper pages: layers of earth, clock-faces, agricultural faces fabric, dolls, action figures, clay, number lines, cameras, masks, meals, place-settings (including placement of curlers), markets (stock market tape, too), etcetera

--and "read" bones; reconstruct what's being eaten from carcasses and left-overs on the plate!  Some examples follow! --what do you think?

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  1. I had never thought of forms of reading like "reading minds" or "reading the wind." I found those videos very interesting, although the "Clock Mind Reader" video did not accurately read my mind!

    These videos reminded me of other forms of reading, such as reading body language, which, as this article reveals, may be more important than reading facial expressions for "reading" a person's emotional state: