Thursday, January 17, 2013

What isn't a book? --why not?

What isn't a form of "book"? --and what definition system of "book"? are you using in "trying" to answer this?


  1. something or someone that hasn't changed and has not made a journey.

  2. In response to your response Kate, I wonder, if there is anything in existence or even non existence that has not changed or not made a journey? Even a lamp, for example. It began as separate parts from separate places in the world even, and over time was assembled, brought together, formed. And then from there, packaged, shipped, traveled by plane or truck or ship, sold to some family where it was turned on and off for many years, until one day, a child knocks it over and breaks it. Is that not a book, a series of changes, a journey?
    I agree completely with the idea that "what isn't a form of book" is something that has not gone from a point A to a point B, or C, or D, not changed, not shifted, not told a story, not made a journey. But I would say that there is no such thing as that.